About Us

First Impression was founded on the 17th April 2002 by Anand Sir with a view of providing quality dance education with high class professional infrastructure at affordable prices in Varanasi. Today, First Impression is one of the best known names for high quality dance education.

First Impression was founded with a vision to provide professional level training to the aspiring people who desire to make Dance, Music, Singing and Acting as their professional carrier or personal growth.

We work towards polishing one's talent from within, bringing out ones true self by enriching their personality. It is a place that would lead one to the road of success and fill them with the creativity of the best art forms presented at levels of national and international stages.

Mr Anand – Director

First Impression Known for his punctuality and discipline. Mr. Anand understands what it takes to make students happier and fitter and under his leadership.

May we take this opportunity to welcome you to the First Impression family where we pursue excellence in teaching dance and making our students awesome dancers or seriously fit people. You will be happy to know that you’re associated with a brand that has trained thousands of students who continue to love First Impression.

We understand that different students have different needs and it is our aim to make sure you get the most out of First Impression’s choreographers. Also, may we mention that every choreographer has a different teaching style and every choreographer at First Impression has his/her own student fan following, but it doesn’t mean you’ll like that particular style, which is absolutely fine and we’re here to take care of it and put you in a batch that you will like.


  • Strict punctuality and attendance make sure our choreographers are able to get the best out of their time with you and train you well. You need to maintain at least 75% attendance and pass an audition by your instructor.

  • There are no hidden costs or registration fee. Even the trial class fee gets adjusted in your monthly fee. You are required to pay your fee every month in advance. We may text you or call you once your fee is due.

  • Your belongings are your responsibility while you're at any of First Impression's centres – please take good care of them. Although we don't have any cases of missing belongings and we have CCTV cameras covering every major area of our centers, it's best to take precaution.

  • Fee adjustments or refunds will not be made under any circumstances. However, if classes are not held due to circumstances that could've been avoided by First Impression, we'll offer free classes in lieu of the classes lost.

  • Damage to First Impression's property due to negligence will be the responsibility of the student. This one guideline is in place so people do not purposely misuse First Impression property.

  • Photography and video making of ongoing classes is not allowed for visitors, unless they have written permission from the management.

  • Outsiders are not allowed at First Impression studios unless they're invited by the management or they're there for their trial classes. Any other outsiders even if they're guests of existing members, must use the sitting area to watch the class live on TV, but will not be permitted in the training area.