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Our package

Class Room Package

For Student (Age 5 year & above)

Package 1: 6 classes per week Monday to Saturday everyday.

Package 2: 3 classes per week.

What We Offer

Marriage, Sangeet & Reception Choreography

Prepare that perfect dance routine for an upcoming Wedding / Ladies’ Sangeet / Mehendi Ki Raat / Ring Ceremony / Engagement / Cocktail or Reception Party with ONE OF THE TOP Marriage Choreography Institutes in Varanasi.

Our Wedding Choreography Related Services

1. Lead Couple's Dance –

The bride and groom are the main focus and our choreograhy is centred around making the couple look elegant.

2. Uncles, Aunties, Cousins and Grand-parents -

Complete family dance choreography.

3. Professional dance troupe by First Impression to provide dance backdrops or to fill up the stage or assist with your dance performance.

4. DJs, Entertainers, Singers, MCs and Anchors -

we can arrange it all for your event.

5. Scripting the event, making a story-line and preparing performances in order of the bride’s or groom’s story’s progression.

6. Interviewing family members / recording rehearsal footage to create brilliant filler videos which are played between performances, creating joke scripts and providing anchors to make the show entertaining.

How to get started?

1. If you’re a couple

and just want to get a 3-4 minute dance performance prepared with the help of our expert wedding choreographers, call us.

2. If you want a BIG INDIAN FAMILY DANCE, create a list of all family members –

cousins, uncles, aunties, grand parents etc who will be coming to the event – you will need this list for invitations anyway, someone may have already made it.

3. Put a tick

against every person’s name whose dancing on your event would make you really happy.

4. Call

those people and ask if they’d be willing to dance. Do tell them that it is a time commitment and that they will need to spare a minimum of 5 hours on 5 different days to be able to participate.

5. Some people are shy, don’t force them,

but once we begin practice, invite them to watch a session. Some people think it’s very hard and say no at first but then join in when they see others performing.

6. Once your final list is complete, give us a call

as we will ask you how many people are participating in the family choreography.

7. You can also make a list of your favourite songs

and try to think of the groups of people and which songs they’ll be dancing to. Once we meet, we’ll give you some ideas on songs, but it’s good to have thought about it once before we meet.

At First Impression we have helped various families perfect their wedding dance. With a growing number of couples performing dance routines at their own weddings, relatives performing family dances and even grand parents pitching in, good wedding choreographers can help you create fond memories for decades to come. Here’s an example of what amazing wedding choreography can do for your or your friend’s/family member’s wedding. The following short video shows a family rehearsing at their farm house and then performing at the event.

At First Impression, we know what it takes to make your wedding day special and our choreographers offer private lessons to help you perfect moves for your favourite wedding song. From the feedback we get from our clients we know that it means the world to the wedded couple when their loved ones perform a dance routine. You create memories to last a lifetime and what’s more, you can even hire our professional dancers to dance alongside you or in the background just like you see in the movies. So if you want to make that event unforgettable, give us a call today!

A friend’s / relative’s wedding:

If you want to make a friend’s wedding special, you can get a few friends to dance together to make the occasion special. Our dance teachers can train groups and personalise dance moves on your favorite Hindi or English songs. We have trained various families to perform dance numbers at weddings – from 4 people to 50 people groups. With such groups, the challenge is that some people are good dancers and some are not, in which case the dance troupe is divided into people who can and cannot perform difficult dance moves. Our instructors are very well trained to divide the choreography in a way that everyone can participate.

School Annual Function & Corporate Event

When Professionalism meets Creativity with a pinch of hard work, mixed with the tantalizing flavour of Punctuality, Respect and Performance, you get the perfect Recipe called Rocky Poonawalas Choreography. Our choreography and performances range from individual to group choreography . We also Provide training and Choreography for schools , colleges and corporates seeking professional training for performances and events, learning dance styles or competitions. Folk , bollywood , hip hop , salsa , cha cha , jive , rumba , samba , merengue, Paso doble, Waltz , Tango, Hustle , Swing and more.

UpComing Batches

Special Classes Will be soon Started For

Aerobics Dance, Taekwondo, Skating Classes

Musical Instrument Classes

Guitar , Casio , Flute, Drums , Violin, Tabla Classes.